Tuesday, August 28, 2012

{Custom Senior Photography | Melody Smith | Marion, Iowa}

The Class of 2013 has discovered Image Nouveau and I have been
going strong working with tons of fantastic seniors from the Eastern Iowa area!
 I have had a few clients travel a distance to work with me,
but this one has definitely traveled the farthest!!
(OK....maybe she didn't travel all the way from Florida....just to have me
 take her Senior pictures.....maybe she came to visit her childhood BFF)
But...while she was here we did get a chance for her Senior photo shoot!
Having known this gorgeous girl since she was in grade school,
it was a bittersweet moment working with her (& my son) now
as they are getting ready to move forward in life and
venture off to college and then ruling the WORLD!

in the immortal words of CHER "If I could turn back time"
Wishing all the Best to the Class of 2013
And especially these two kiddos
Seriously...how can two friends take a picture together
without a "duck face" being involved?
It's a classic for the class of 2013