How to Book your Shoot

How to book:
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If you have questions regarding pricing, please contact me and I will be happy to discuss our reasonable rates.

I am a natural light, on-location photographer. In other words, I won’t ask you to come to a studio for a few pre-selected backdrops; instead, I come to you. That can mean your house, your favorite park, that really great building downtown - the options are endless. There are also plenty of photographic opportunities throughout the city if you want a more urban feel. Natural light means, I prefer to shoot from the confines of studio lights and umbrellas. Does it mean that I don't use a flash? No! There are situations where a little flash helps so you will see me pull that out. But I much prefer the regular, natural light of the outside, even if it's through a window.

I will always suggest and have new ideas for your shoot to ensure a completely unique photo shoot .If you do not have a spot in mind I have several options for you to select from, some outside and some in. Keeping things natural is number one to ensure comfort of the children and beauty in the images.

About My Style:

We’ve all seen the photos from the mass market studios, well get those images in your mind. Now throw them into the wind because that is the complete opposite of what and how I shoot. Although I am available for any photographic need, as you can see I specialize in children's photography up to High School Seniors. My time spent in Orlando as a Producer for a children's theatre group prepared me to see and capture the genuine moments in childhood. I will not shy away from artistic cropping, moody lighting or pictures of non-smiling children.

You won't see frozen grins and stiff posing in my portfolio. However you will see families swinging their children, lots of cuddles, laughter and smiles. I love the moments and the emotions of kids being kids with messy hair, a child with a blanket as a cape, a missing tooth or a grumpy Gus. Don't get me wrong, I will take a few shots in each photo shoot in more of a traditional portrait style but overall I love capturing families being families and kids being kids,just every day real life.

That is why I take time with those I’m photographing... to get to know them and to help them to relax and start being themselves. Image Nouveau Photography will give you portraits that beautifully capture the real person... portraits that make you smile and say, “That’s so them.”

What about Hair & Make-up.......

I have recently joined forces with Nicoli Simmons of Envy Salon

You will receive a discounted rate off of her normal prices when using her services combined with mine.

Nicoli site:

To schedule hair or make-up or both for your shoot please call or email Image Nouveau to coordinate the schedule.

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