Saturday, November 17, 2012

{custom children photography | Marion, Iowa | Photography}

With the class of 2013 shooting schedule
coming to a close, I will now have
a bit more time (hopefully) to stay 
slightly more current with my
blog updates...oh
yeah... and I still need to update
my website with all
the fantastic clients I have worked
with this past summer/fall.
Anyway.....I wanted to make
sure I took the time to add
a few shots from this past shoot with a little
man that I have taking pictures of
since he was a week old.
Actually, you can view one of his first images
that I ever took of him at the header
of this page....the newbie with
the white blanket.
So now here he is at the exploratory
age of 11/2.
We were trying for an outdoor shoot this day...
however....the weather would not cooperate,
but we made due by moving the shoot
 inside his home.

his loyal companion Brinx, decided to join the shoot